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COOWOO started trading online in January 2014 and was quick to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturer and seller of a wide product line, especially in the field of household LED lighting, commercial LED lighting, home improvement products and some other high-tech items. However, before online shopping became so popular COOWOO already had a history of about 20 years in manufacturing. We have been pushing ourselves for a change by creating our own website, while also selling on some popular shopping platforms like amazon, eBay, Walmart and many other famous websites.

Currently LED lighting is still our strongest point, which makes over 80% of our main business. Every sales representative of COOWOO has been doing engineering before selling, and this tradition was started from my great grandfather. We spend decades focusing on the improvement of lighting technology, taking over the torch from Edison to safeguard human being with lights! Among various brands out there, some are already well known and some growing quickly, but why should people choose COOWOO? Yeah this is a significant question brought up by my great grandfather, the first COOWOOer. Generations passed but no one can ever make an easy answer so we keep focusing on the perfection of craftsmanship, adopting the strictest quality check and providing a more satisfactory customer service!

For all of our products sold, We offer 1 year warranty with 30 days worry-free return, so ZERO risk purchasing! Please do let COOWOO power your future. He who can do this, has the whole world with him; He who cannot walk a lonely way!
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